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"Content Controller" Screenshots

A general overview of how the running system works (template used: elegant). Note that this template supports unlimited sidebar-slots (automatically expands). The picture shows the article-view of the cc_articles mod. In the URL one can see the SEO.

Sidebar: Rights module
This shot shows the right sidebar of our example system containing a login and a rights-info area. The rights-info is of course only interesting for developers in terms of dubugging, it will probably be released within the development package.

cc_articles mod slideshow
With each article you can upload a set of images which will be displayed in this neat slidehow.

Login prompt
If you don't have read rights for a specific area you will be prompted.

New Area Form
This is the form to create a new area. For each form-element you can request help. When you change the module the content of the box changes to the module's description.

New Area Log
If you create a new area with enabled "show log" option the generated (and saved) logfile will be output to your convenience.

Delete Area Page
This is the page to create a new area. For each element you can request help. You can even backup the data before deleting the area.

Delete Area Log
If you delete an area using the "show log" option the log will be displayed after deletion. Of course the log is also saved to a file through the logging-system.

Admin Menu
A shot of our neat DHTML dropdown-menu.